Walking For Health

Thirty years ago the average child walked to school. Twenty years ago the child was content to ride on a bus occasionally. Ten years ago he tried to talk dad into giving him the family car once in a while. Today he is extremely unhappy and often refuses to go to school unless he has […]

Turf Injuries

Dear Dr. Caraotta, In your experience as a Chiropractic Orthopedist, have you seen many turf injuries in athletics? Answer: Yes, and synthetic surfaces may in part be responsible for turf injuries. As one of the Team Physicians of the Rock River Raptors for 3 years when they were in town, we saw a myriad of […]

Trigger Finger

Dear Medical Solutions, I am 55 years old and have never had a problem with my hands. Last month I noticed my right index finger stiffening up and it has gotten worse. I am unable to straighten it up without using my left hand. My doctor said that this is trigger finger, but I am […]

The Older We Get The Harder We Fall

None of us likes to think of ourselves as an “older person.” Your pace hasn’t slowed much and you exercise regularly. Nevertheless, time does take its toll, we should use increased caution as we progress in years. Although senior citizens make up only about eleven percent of the population, they suffer 23 percent of all […]

Tennis Elbow 2

It’s perfect tennis weather. You’re feeling in a winning mood. You’re enjoying a sustained volley when your opponent sends back the ball hard. It’s a drive shot straight to the middle of the court. “I’ll put a spin on this one and surprise him,” you say as you reach for the ball. Bam. The racket […]

Tennis Elbow

Dear Dr. Caraotta, I am a firefighter and developed right elbow pain about four weeks ago. Whenever I am more active with my arm, such as handling the fire hose and even lifting things around the house, the pain intensifies. Someone told me that this may be tennis elbow, so I bought a tennis elbow […]


I have tendinitis in my arm and this is interfering with work, and activities around the house. From a Chiropractic and Orthopedic stand point what could be done for this and what could I do at home. If I need to get treatment, I want to do so expediently, because I am a landscaper, am […]

Sweet Training of Taste Buds

Do you like sugar because you’ve got a “sweet tooth” or because during the early part of your life you were trained to use it? According to health authorities, many of our eating habits are not so much a preference as they are an addiction-mental as well as physical. This is especially true of eating […]