The Older We Get The Harder We Fall

None of us likes to think of ourselves as an “older person.” Your pace hasn’t slowed much and you exercise regularly. Nevertheless, time does take its toll, we should use increased caution as we progress in years. Although senior citizens make up only about eleven percent of the population, they suffer 23 percent of all accidental deaths. According to the National Safety Council 24,000 persons over age 65 die each year form accidental injuries. 800,000 more are disabled for at least one year due to injury. This is a rather frightening statistic when you consider the fact that most accidents are the result of pure negligence, and likely could be avoided with caution and preventive action. Many of the injuries suffered by seniors are from falling, and most occur in the home. As a preventative measure you may to check your home for the following:

* Do you have well lighted stairways with switches at both bottom and top?

* Do you have night lights?

* Do you have sturdy handrails on both sides of the stairways?

* Is your carpeting tacked down? Throw rugs are extremely treacherous when they slide.

* Do you have grab bars on bathroom walls, or non-skid mats in the bathtub?

* Are all areas clear of objects that could cause a person to trip?

Other dangers include smoking in bed (a practice best avoided altogether), and preparing meals in loose, flowing, flammable clothing. Seniors are particularly susceptible to burns because of their reduced agility. Be sure all your water heater thermostats are set so you can’t be suddenly scalded.

The greatest number of back and limb injuries come from falls, especially on stairways, walkways and ladders. Senior should recognize that bones are brittle and that they will heal more slowly. Likewise, one should be sensible about their physical limitations. If a structural injury occurs, seek immediate professional attention. Chiropractic has been particularly effective in keeping senior citizens ambulatory and active throughout their retirement years.

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