Arthritic Neck?

Dear Medical Solution Ministries, I was told that I have arthritis in my neck, and was not told how this got there. I am only 30 years old. Isn’t this a little young for arthritis? Is there anything I can do prevent this from getting worse? Answer: Without examining you first hand, we can only […]

Alternative Treatment Caution

I recently read an article concerning “alternative medicine” in a physicians magazine. In the article, alternative medicine was described as treatment of health problems without the use of medication. The article went on to explain that in a survey that was done, one out of three people had sought alternative medicine within the last year […]

Accident’s and Disc Injuries

Dear Medical Health Ministries, I was rear ended in an automobile and have SEVERE neck and arm pain! Could this be a slipped disc? Cathy Answer: Yes it can Cathy, but without examining you, one cannot be for certain. To read a brief article on the above, Click Here


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Accident’s and Chronic Injuries

Dear Doctors: How common is it for a person to be in an automobile accident, not experience any pain initially, but later on develop problems? Answer: It is very common for a person not to experience problems after an accident, because it takes 12-24 hours for swelling to set in, and can take several days […]


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