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MOLLY An American Girl

Authentication Mark

Blood Moons Part 1

Blood Moons Part 2


True Missionary Martyr Story

Live Interview   Steve Saint forgives Indians for murdering his Dad.

Live Interview   Steve Saint’s interview with his Dads Executioner.

 Testimony about Jim Elliot Missionary in “End of the Spear”.

Jim Elliot Preaching.

Non-English, except for middle part..worth watching.

Play describing Jim Elliot and his Missionary Martyred friends.

Memorial Service for Jim Elliot and the other Martyrs.

John Huss (Biography) Storyline: This is the story of a faithful recounting of the ministry, trial and martyrdom of the fifteenth century Bohemian priest John Huss, who built on the reforms of John Wycliffe, taught the Bible in the vernacular and who influenced Martin Luther a century later. Intrigue and false promises weave this powerful story of one man’s commitment to faith in Jesus Christ. He was summoned to the Council of Constance and promised safety, but he was betrayed. In the end, Huss was accused, imprisoned, and charged with heresy. Ultimately, he was condemned and burned at the stake as a heretic.