Shoes Can Be The Base Of Your Health Problem

Should you ever forget just how many different things we do on our feet, stop and think about how many different kinds of shoes that are available. We wear dress shoes, casual shoes, bowling shoes, winter shoes, summer shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, work shoes, high-heeled shoes, low-heeled shoes, and on and on and on. Whether you have two pairs of shoes or twenty pairs usually depends on your budget and your lifestyle.

“Comfortable” fit isn’t necessarily a “Proper” fit. A shoe can often lack the support you might need for your specific foot, back, spine, leg or neck problem. That’s right. The wrong shoe can cause discomfort in various parts of the body-all the way from blisters, to headaches, to spinal problems. that’s because when you deal with the feet, you are affecting the body’s center of gravity, much like the foundation of a building. If the foundation is off, it will put more pressure on one side of the body-maybe even make the person structurally imbalanced like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Shoes should never cramp the feet. They should allow plenty of room, particularly around the toes. This is especially important to remember when buying shoes for children. A child’s foot is constantly growing. Therefore it’s important that they be fitted properly…and frequently. A child’s shoe should allow 1/2″ to 1/4″ extra length from the longest toe. And the width of the shoe should be such that all toes are able to rest on the sole of the shoe when full weight is placed on it. The heel should be snug, but not tight. For the same reason that a person is slightly taller in the morning, feet are slightly larger toward the end of the day. After a full day of walking and standing, all your weight is on your feet, causing them to spread and stretch in both length and width. That’s why it is best to try on shoes in the afternoon or evening to get the best possible fit.

Chiropractic Orthopedists typically evaluate and treat various feet disorders which can have a direct effect on the rest of the skeletal system. Many conditions are due to improper shoes or wearing the wrong shoes for an activity they are engaging in. Remember, when shopping this season to put on your best shoes for walking, and shop for shoes that are suitable for the activities that you plan to engage in.

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