Preventing Muscular Injury

Often time patients ask us what they could do to prevent injuries and where do we think their muscular injury came from. Typically injuries come from a variety of stresses that are exerted on a muscle and joint. Often times this occurs when muscles are “cold” and not warmed up. What do we mean by “cold muscles”? Cold muscles are muscles that are not prepared to perform demands that are put on them. These muscles are often tight and have minimal blood flow.

If a person has a job that requires a lot of bending and lifting, and their muscles are not ready for this, they are at risk for injury. This is why many companies have employees “stretch on the line”. and warm up before work. This not only prevents injuries, but often times allows patients to work more efficiently.

Below you will find some suggestions to help “warm up” muscles.

1) Tensing Muscles – Contracting muscle in the form of a isometric exercise will help to increase blood flow and get them ready for greater demands.

2) Running in place, calf raises, and toe touches could help reduce ankle, knee and, back problems.

3) Swinging arms around in a circular fashion and stretching your fingers and wrist, could help reduce tendinitis and cumulative trauma disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

4) Placing your hands on your hips and moving in a circular fashion could help reduce problems in the upper back, lower back and hips.

Warming up muscles prevents wear and tear on joints, lessens the possibility of muscular injuries, and allows you the freedom of staying on the job longer while being in better shape at the time of retirement.

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