New Years Resolutions: Setting Your Goals

The New Year sparks the famous time of reflecting on the previous year and making plans to improve the year to come. This is often done in the form of resolutions. For some people this may be to loose weight, get a better job, stop eating sweets, give up smoking, or to start exercising. Most of our resolutions are inspired out of a sense of dissatisfaction with ourselves or a situation that we are in. Before making a resolution, here are a few things to consider:

1. Make your goals realistic. Some people feel that if they set their goals high, that is if they shoot for the stars, they might at least make it out of the atmosphere and make progress towards a goal. However, we often find that if the goal is unrealistic, most people find it unattainable and chuck it out with past years resolutions.

2. Try to keep others in mind when setting resolutions. If other people around you can benefit from it, they may help you and add to the motivation of keeping your resolutions.

3. Some people work best by breaking a large goal or resolution into short goals along the way, and rewarding themselves when accomplishing a certain level.

When setting resolutions remember to include activities and practices that foster good health. Included in this should be exercise, cutting out or down on junk food consumption, adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, taking vitamins and scheduling regular health and chiropractic check-ups.

May the Lord bless you, guide you, and inspire you this holiday season in setting and keeping your resolutions.

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