Message to Fathers…written in 2001

Mental health specialists tell us that the father – daughter relationship has a dramatic effect in shaping the future of our daughters.

Someone once asked,
what is it like
To have a house full of daughters,
two bathrooms, one wife.

It’s Sunday, oh no,
we over slept!
Lets hurry – lets quickly
get our girls out of bed!

Someone once asked
how do you dress
Four girls on a Sunday
and pick up their mess.

Quick – into the car
theres no time to eat!
We’ll munch on the way
as we try not to speed.

Someone once asked
what questions arise
When children read speed limits
and parents don’t lie.

I’ll drop you off here,
You take child one
I’ll park the car,
grab three hands and run.

Someone once asked
why are you so late
As he glanced at her pink dress,
tennis shoes with green lace.

It’s time for church service
lets worship in peace
For lunch time is coming
with “STARVING” children who MUST eat.

Someone once asked
How’s meal time arranged
With four girls, with bladders,
synchronized in a chain

I need to – No, I do!
You’re just copying me!
No, I said it first,
I HAVE TO GO ____!

Someone once asked
what do you do
With misbehaved children
sent to their room.

Daddy, I fell
It hurts over here
Please hold me, pray quickly,
so it soon disappears.

Someone once asked,
why I make a big deal,
When my little girls fake it
crying wolf with a squeal.

Because they are mine
To hold, love and squeeze
for a brief moment only
then grown up’s they’ll be.

And I want them to know
that they always could come
Get love, hugs and kisses
from a proud dad who loves.

Someone once asked,
what is it like,
To hug your four girls,
give them kisses each night.

Daddy, please help me
put a ribbon in my hair
Daddy, that’s pretty
look in the mirror

Someone once asked
what is it like
to ribbon their hair
as part of your night.

Daddy come here,
play hide and seek
Spin me around
Do it to meeee!

It’s snack time, and drink time
and bible time too
Hurry, come quickly
It’s ten minutes to

Someone once asked
what is it like
To tuck in four girls,
saying prayers for the night.

My girls are so precious
so special, so nice
their much like their mommy
their cute, sweet and nice.

Voices and noises
To strange silence suddenly,
rarely at home.

Someone once asked
what is it like
When girls become women
and mature overnight

And their interests have changed
from rag dolls and toys
and from running and jumping
to rarely making noise

I’m done, I’m retired!
Lets sled down the hill
Wait – Where are you?

Daddy’s hiding
come find me
Where did you go?
for yesterday we wrestled and played in the snow

I’m soon to find out
what it will be like,
with no daughters at home……..
………….two bathrooms,
one wife.

Do I look pretty?
Daddy, whats in your eye
You’ll soon have to walk me
your not going to cry?

Don’t do that, please hold me
Daddy, how is my hair?
Lets go dad, their ready.
Walk slow down the stairs.

Daddy, be careful,
don’t mess up my curls
Remember, I’ll always
be your baby girl

No one please ask me
what do dads do
when ribbons become vales
and four girls, say “I DO”

Dads, do something special for your daughters on valentines day!

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