Holiday Weight Gain

For many Americans, the most precarious place to be during the holiday season is behind a place setting at the dinner table. Heavy food, drinks, and rich desserts! It might not be so bad if just to Grandmother’s house we’d go, but we don’t stop there. We have to make the rounds…and put on the pounds. That’s where the trouble begins.

From a period that starts with thanksgiving and goes through New Years, everywhere we go, we’re tempted with cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and hors D’oeuvres. Third and fourth helpings of the turkey and dressing aren’t uncommon…they’re expected. Years ago, being heavy was a sign of power and prosperity. If you were heavy, that meant you ate well, which meant you had plenty of money. The kings throughout history are always portrayed with 50 inch waistlines and drumsticks in their hands.

Even our friend with the red suit and familiar “ho ho ho” is overweight. The point is simply, this time of year we’re so busy thinking of others…and eating with others, that we tend to neglect our health. For the sake of your own well being, try to remember that the stockings you stuff this season aren’t suppose to be the ones you’re wearing. Remember that in spite of most people’s pledge to “take it off after the New Year,” in most cases the weight put on during the holidays stays with one person-only to be further abused the following Christmas.

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