Holiday Health Strategies

We all look forward to the holidays, yet it is amazing to note how many of us can hardly get through them without a great deal of stress and exhaustion. The fast pace of modern living seems to make people almost frantic in their approach to the holiday season. Pressures build for both the business person and the homemaker as they seek to fulfill all social, business and family obligations in a short span of time.

What many of us don’t realize is that the way we feel under pressure (mentally and physically) depends to a great extent on our overall health . No one can feel relaxed, pleasant, and capable of coping with a busy schedule if their body is not functioning properly. Even under normal circumstances, there is a difference in the reactions of those individuals whose health is up to par and those whose health is less than should be expected. Add to that the overindulgence in food and beverage during the holiday season, the drain on mental and physical capacities, and the result is more obvious. Since the central nervous system influences every part of the body, stress shows up in extreme fatigue, nervous tension, and lowered resistance against disease and disablement.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Before you jump on the merry-go-round of activities, pitch all the non-essential projects that were time consuming and wasteful the previous year.

2. Concentrate on essentials, and pace yourself. Make up a list of projects to be done by priority and allow sufficient time for them.

3. Don’t try to get all your entertaining into the holidays. If you “owe” someone dinner or social response, try to schedule it after the holidays. since other people suffer the same frustrating schedule as you do, they might also appreciate an invitation when the pace slackens.

4. Resist the temptation of over-eating or indulging in extra rich foods.

5. Get plenty of sleep and relaxation.

6. Keep an important place on that calendar of busy activities for periodic health examinations, including spinal check-ups.

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