Health Goals

Many of us are high achievers and do well with the challenges set before us. Some individuals excel scholastically, while others successfully complete time in the military, become proficient in sports or rise to to the top in careers. Often times it is easy to use our determination to accomplish things we deem important, and generally esteemed; but when it comes to our personal health we run our lives by a different standard.

It would be most exceptional if we could become high achievers in living a preventive lifestyle and setting “Health Goals”. This lifestyle change for some of us can be as challenging as a parent attempting to change a strong willed child into a compliant one. Our society in general seems to be either overly optimistic, or maybe ignorant thinking that health consequences based on poor eating or lifestyle choices could “never happen to me”. The reality is potentially serious consequences are eminent, unless we adhere to common sense, and a preventive lifestyle. We must fight the philosophy “if it feels good – do it”. It is more important to do what is good for ourselves instead of what feels good. The Bible says there is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is death.

Lets look at the “Rocky Philosophy”, which says if it DOESN’T feel good, but is good for you, do it! Adopting this philosophy will change your life, and change your “DO NOT LIKES” into “LIKES”. You may ask, how does this happen? We know for example that that those who choose to eat vegetables they do not like, eventually can not only tolerate them, but crave them. Our taste buds change as the result of adhering to the “Rocky Philosophy”. The same way a person becomes addicted to negative habits such as over consumption of alcoholic beverages, we can be “addicted” to healthy things such as eating better, exercise and discipline.

As this year progresses, we ask the question, “what are your goals, and what is your vision for your health in the future”? The Bible says “a man without vision will perish”. Though I believe this is primarily speaking of a spiritual state, this could be applied to a physical status as well. For example, it could easily be said that a man who does not exercise will become flabby; or a person who does not eat right will gain weight.

So whether it is running, lifting weights, limiting sweets, avoiding fatty foods, or eating more vegetables, take time out to set a goal today; and don’t be afraid to use the “AA” approach. Alcoholic Anonymous teaches people to rely on a higher power. The bible says it ‘s not by might, not by power but by my spirit says the Lord. Using your optimism and determination towards health may not only save your life, but avoid premature mourning of those who will miss your presence.

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