Remember this when a headache occurs. You gamble with your health when you treat the pain rather than it’s cause. Headaches are a distress signal that is telling you that something is out of balance. Pain relievers may temporarily turn off the alarm switch, but usually don’t put out the fire. Some headaches have simple explanations such as those resulting in overindulgence in food or drink. Most other headaches however, particularly if chronic or recurring, should be taken more seriously, as they may be a warning signal of a more serious health problem. Sometimes headaches are
reflective of problems unrelated to the head.

Correct diagnosis is essential for proper treatment of headaches. There are several forms of headaches. Some of the more common types include tension, migraine, sinus, cluster, and headaches caused by intracranial pressure. Chiropractic physicians and neurologist can often diagnose your type of headache, treat its underlined physical causes and help you learn how to prevent headaches in the future. Muscle contraction or tension headaches are often caused by pressure, or a “pinched (suboccipital) nerve” at the base of the skull. This nerve is commonly irritated by a spinal misalignment, poor posture at the work place, improper sleep positions and long stressful commutes.

Stress and certain substances, like coffee , cigarettes, aged cheese, chocolates, alcohol and MSG are common triggers of migraine headaches. Migraines are commonly proceeded by warning signals such as sensitivity to bright lights, nausea and vomiting. A thorough evaluation helps your chiropractic physician or neurologist plan a specific treatment and prevention program. An evaluation should include a thorough health history, physical examination, and may require X-rays or an MRI in some cases. Many individuals are unaware of options in treating headaches. Often
times when a definitive diagnosis is obtained, treatment is successfully rendered. Even though you may have intracranial pain remember-it may not be all in your head!

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