Compliant Patients… and Lack Thereof

Hey Joe, how did everything go with your appointment last Friday. Fine Bill, the Doctor said that my cholesterol is high and that I should not eat red meat, but once in a while I don’t see how a little bacon grease can hurt or how a hot dog can harm my arteries. I see your point Bill, my doctor said my blood sugar is a little high, but this ice cream sure tastes good and we only go around once.

Many people go to practitioners for their health problems and never take the responsibility that is necessary to cause lasting benefits. Whether it is home instructions, to do exercises, avoiding certain food groups, taking vitamins, most problems respond best when the doctor and patient takes the team approach. It is unrealistic expectations to think that a patient can continue the same eating habits or activities that lead them to their health problems and respond favorably to professional treatment or therapy. Below are a few suggestions you can do to help us take more responsibility and participation in your health.

1. Pro-actively ask your physician what you can be doing to aid in the healing process of your condition.

2. Take the responsibility to educating yourself in pertinent material pertaining to your health problem.

3. Don’t resist change. If it is advised for you to perform certain exercises or eliminate things from your lifestyle, readily work in changing your environment to be compliant to those recommendations.

4. Ask other individuals you know with the same or similar problems how they have coped with and made the necessary changes that the condition dictates.

5. Resist the temptation of the fatalist who may encourage you to take a lackadaisical attitude towards the responsibility that you have to participate in the healing process.

This is not the time in which you can afford to be lazy in. Yes, it is true we only go around once, but why not go around more responsible and therefore healthier to make it easier on ourselves and those in whom our illness may effect.

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