Colds And Flu

Cold and flu seems to be running rampant this year. Many individuals who “never get sick” have had difficulty fighting the bug. The common cold can present itself in a variety of forms: runny nose; scratchy throat; watery eyes; stuffed sinuses and congestion. Symptoms prevalent to flu virus include: fever; backache; headache; muscle and joint pain; soar throat and cough. While symptoms may vary, fever is one distinguisher between a cold and the flu.

Cold and flu cases tend to occur during the cooler months because we spend more time indoors, in close quarters, with other people carrying viruses, and often in poorly ventilated rooms where colds spread fast. The following is a list of lifestyle management procedures which include excerpts from Dr. Frank King’s article written in the Dynamic Chiropractic Journal, to help you feel more comfortable and aid in your body’s healing process during a cold or flu.

1. Rest! Listen to your body. If you feel the need to rest or sleep, do so. Though regular exercise can boost your immune system, during a cold or flu it may be wise to skip your usual workout or exercise program.

2. Drink plenty of liquids. Liquid consumption has many benefits. It will keep mucus moving and maintain a moist respiratory tract which repels viral infection. The best liquids to consume are water, followed by diluted vegetable juices, clear soup broths, and herbal teas.

3. Watch the sugar! Sugar, even if derived from natural sources like fruit juice and honey can impair immune function.

4. Stay warm. Wear warm clothing and stay indoors in a warm-moist environment. Using a steam vaporizer can help keep the room humidity high enough. Too dry of an environment will dehydrate the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract and create an inviting environment for the virus.

5. Zinc. Zinc is a nutrient which can help immune system function. Taking on a zinc gluconate lozenge may help eliminate some symptoms and may cut the duration of the cold.

6. Taking vitamin C and beta carotene along with herbal enhancers of the immune system, echinacea augustofolia, and goldenseal can speed along the healing process as well.

Most of your cold or flu symptoms will last 3-7 days, so follow these guidelines and allow your body to rid itself of disease, restoring you to the pleasant freedom of good health.

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