Back To Gardening?

It’s that time of year again when everyone is getting their yard work and gardening done. There’s nothing more rewarding than sitting on your back porch, drinking a glass of ice cold lemonade and relaxing after laboring to make your yard the most beautifully landscaped on the block. Even though this can be rewarding, if not done properly, your back will rise up in rebellion.

The constant bending and twisting of gardening can play havoc with your back and the rest of your body. Bending, kneeling and crawling are difficult activities for a patient in good physical condition, and needless to say more stressful for the unconditioned gardener.

Here are a few tips you can follow for comfort while gardening:
1. Make sure you keep your back straight when you bend at your knees. Relax your shoulders as you work. Good posture will keep the strain off of your spine.

2. Use a cushion under your knees when kneeling to reduce pressure and tension.

3. If you have to carry something heavy such as a bag of top soil or heavy bricks, get help from a family member or neighbor. If you must carry anything heavy by yourself, balance the objects in both arms; walk slowly and avoid sudden movements. Never lift a heavy object higher than your waist.

4. Most importantly, remember to take frequent breaks, straighten up and stretch.

Even when trying to be careful, your gardening activities may bring out some structural problems in your spine which may necessitate chiropractic rehabilitation. We encourage many of our patients in strengthening exercises that they can perform at home to minimize injury and help them hold their chiropractic adjustment better.

If done wisely, gardening can be a great exercise of your body and creativity.

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