Back Pain Quiz

Seventy-five million Americans suffer with “bad backs”.
Whether you’re a waitress in a restaurant and on your feet all
day or an executive putting together a multi-national deal
from your desk, there’s a good possibility that at some point
in your life you’ll have problems with your back. If so, not
only will it be painful, but it could be disabling. Back pain

can be subtle or obvious, but should be taken seriously. Medical

Solution Ministries offers this health quiz.

Test yourself to determine how much you know about spinal health.

1. Which person is more likely to develop back trouble?

a. ditch digger b. an accountant c. a swimmer
d. a person who seldom exercises e. a weight lifter

2. Exercise can cause a back problem. yes or no?

3. The mattress and pillow you sleep on, your choice of couch
and chairs in your home, even the way you drive a car-all
can ultimately affect your back. true or false?

4. A back disorder always shows up as some kind of pain in
the back. true or false?

5. Good posture is only important to your look.

true or false?


1. b and d. People who are not active and do not keep
physically fit are more likely to develop back problems,
although anyone is subject to injury in the natural
course of work or play.

2. Yes. Exercise done incorrectly or in excess for your
physical conditioning can be bad for you. Be sure you
and your children follow a sensible program of activity.

3. True. Improper support promotes back problems.

4. No, not necessarily. Even though you don’t feel spinal
disorder. Moreover, you may experience pain in an area
not ordinarily associated with the spine-the ankles,
thighs or calves, even the stomach or head.

5. False. Good posture is important to your health as well
as your looks. With correct posture, your organs are not
cramped, and thus can function more efficiently. Also,
your body’s structure is balanced, thereby placing the

weight properly on your back and spine.

If you are one of the one in four who will be suffering from
back problems this year, be sure to seek Chiropractic care as
early as possible to avoid serious illness, pain and possible

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