Back Pain Precipitants

Aside from headache, backache is America’s most common health complaint. Mr. Jones’ car was bumped from behind. He suffers back pain. Mr. Miller lifted a heavy box at work. He suffers back pain. Mrs. Boswell is expecting a child. She suffers back pain. Not all back problems are due to severe strains or dramatic accidents. There are times when a relatively innocent act such as stepping off a curbstone or lifting a pencil from the floor is sufficient cause for back pain. Unexpected, awkward and off-balance movements of any kind can cause back pain and sciatica. this is because the pain may be the symptom of a spinal disorder compounded by structural weakness.

Pains of mysterious origin may be caused by spinal insults. Sometimes the symptoms of the back problem appear immediately, allowing the victim to correlate cause and effect. However, a person may compensate and sometimes days or even months pass before pain appears, causing a person to seek treatment for conditions other than the causative spinal disorder.

Persistent or recurring aches in the lower back and limbs may suggest a possible lower spinal or pelvic problem. This often requires a structural correction of the cause in order to relieve the condition. Although medication may hide the pain temporarily, the spine and sacroiliac must be aligned to its proper position for normal function. Chiropractic Orthopedists are the specialty of choice to do this, and also are trained in rehabilitative exercises to help a person hold their alignment or adjustment. They seek to not only locate the problem and give relief from symptoms, but also to correct the underlying fundamental cause. In addition to a Chiropractic adjustment, and exercise, sometimes certain nutrients may be recommended to help with proper relaxation of musculature, decrease inflammation and or increase joint integrity.

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