12 most Common Excuses For Not Visiting A Doctor

Every year thousands of Americans suffer from serious diseases and health problems that should have been caught and treated during their early stages. Unfortunately, however, the victims did not have specialized health check-ups as recommended by health authorities. The frequent result-unnecessary pain and disablement. Here are the twelve most frequently used excuses:

(1) “I was too busy to find time for an examination.”

(2) “I figure you only live once, so why worry about it?”

(3) “I don’t like doctors. They scare me.”

(4) “My father lived to be 91 years old; my mother lived to 87. I come from strong stock.”

(5) “I keep telling my husband, but he doesn’t listen.”

(6) “I read a lot, so I can pretty well diagnose my own problems.”

(7) “I don’t like to think about illness-it gets me depressed.”

(8) “I had a physical exam three years ago.”

(9) “I had an appointment scheduled, but something more important came up.”

(10) “We moved, and it’s hard to get started with a new doctor.”

(11) “Doctors cost money, and we’re trying to save.”

(12) “I figure I’d go only if the disorder got worse.”

According to a survey taken by the American Chiropractic Association, it was learned that many people are aware of the fact that they need specialized health check-ups on a regular basis. They know the importance of taking care of their eyes, teeth, heart, lungs, spine and other weight-bearing structures. Yet, they make the common mistake of putting off health matters so long as a health problem is not apparent. Unfortunately, some even do so after the need for attention is obvious. That’s why Chiropractic Physicians recommend spinal examinations on a regular basis as well as periodic check-ups of other critical points of the body by qualified specialists.

Excuses do nothing to improve or assure good health. The best thing you can do is have a heart-to-heart talk with yourself, and decide that it takes a sincere personal effort to maintain your health.

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